Recognize swingers!

154,518 sold, and counting!

Wearing a LifestylePin™ says

: "Yes, we're swingers (or we're thinking about it)": The center gold represents the vanilla world which we are all very part of in our daily lives. The two red bodies in the center enjoying each other form an ampersand (&) to emphasize the added pleasure. They are surrounded by stars, symbolizing the many lifestyle friends we all have worldwide. The pins are not intrusive, but big enough (13mm) to be noticed easily: once you wear them, you'll see them.
Every standard set holds 3 pins, just in case 1 goes missing or you're with 3 to begin with. Select which set you want, and pay using PayPal (or any credit card):

The Lifestyle™-pin promise:

  • Don't ignore lifestyle friends, even if you're not attracted: say hello, shake hands, talk, have a coffee, laugh, meet new people, enjoy life! We're all equal!
  • It's a good idea to always first ask if people wearing pins are "friends of Ellis too" just to be sure, Ellis being short for Lifestyle. If eyebrows are raised, "Ellis is a colleague where you recently had the best kids birthday party ever and you thought you recognized them.", or whatever other plausible excuse. By the way: people asking about the pins are always vanilla, so have your answer ready to not turn their life completely upside down.

Some people inform us

how the pins are used in their country: Asian and Russian women seem to always wear the pins, also if not accompanied by their partner. In Europe, most pins are reported with 30yo+ couples, while in North and South America also single and "broader minded" women and men are found wearing them (that's why couples should only respond to couples). At large parties: couples wearing pins at the right side generally means only playing together, and people "interested in a moresome" wear 2 pins close to each other. In Europe, when one is dominant, he/she wears both pins, each at a side.

About orders, payments and other things:

  • Click here to send us an e-mail, but please have some patience, we get many a day!
  • PayPal protects you: at any time, you're free to open a case and get refunded if we failed you!
  • We must deliver to the address received from PayPal after you paid: please make sure it's correct!
  • Shipping is only charged at $2: all prices include all handling costs as well.
  • Orders are handled and shipped by date of payment irrevocably received.
  • We can barely cover all the costs involved, but we know 1% is lost while shipped: just say so, but please don't lie about it!

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